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The leading provider of hydraulic systems and services in a variety of industries.


Australian Hydraulic Services helps keep cane farms and banana plantations in operation. Servicing all mobile equipment including mobile elevated work platforms (EWP’s), system design for fertilizer spreaders, banana baggers, self-propelled machinery and much more. If your Agricultural equipment contains hydraulic cylinders, pumps, drives and hoses and fittings, we can service you.
Where service, reliability and operation is critical, Australian Hydraulic Services utilises the latest hydraulic expertise to service and maintain navy frigates, including turrets, steering systems and gangway hydraulics all to exacting standards.
Sugar mills rely upon Australian Hydraulics Services to keep their processing plant operating. We service the rail systems, tiplers, crystaliser drives, tampers, cranes (mobile), lube system pneumatics, gear boxes, mill hydraulics, mill caps and pressure feed cylinders. Milk and Dairy processing is also a key industry where we support processing pneumatics, and bottling systems using food grade stainless steel and tubing, fittings and componentry.
Proudly servicing North Queensland for over 22 years, Australian Hydraulic Services is well equipped to service all hydraulic marine equipment from Prawn Trawlers to Long Line boats, cruisers and white boats through to ships. Servicing and maintenance/overhaul of steering assembly’s winches, cranes, hoists and davits.
Proudly servicing mining across far north Queensland, from ro-tables, to diggers, tippers to graders, water trucks, conveyors, drill rigs and excavators, Australian Hydraulic Services has the equipment and products to conduct complete overhauls, preventive maintenance and major or minor hydraulic servicing on all mining equipment.

Australian Hydraulic Services prides itself in providing complete turnkey solutions to the Original Equipment Manufacturers, including specialising in bespoke system design, product supply and servicing.

Australian Hydraulic Services is positioned to service a range of Power Generation equipment that undergo harsh conditions on a daily basis. This encompasses all elements of lubrication, filtration and cooling. In particular, we maintain and service Power Generation Fleets, comprising of equipment such as EWP’s (Elevated Work Platforms), Crane Borers, Cable Trailers and Winches.

Primarily servicing multiple vehicles throughout the transport sector including:

  • Garbage Trucks componentry, such as compactors, side lifters, front lifters, bailer compactors, tippers and tailgate cylinders and hydraulic pump, drive and power unit systems, with the ability to service control systems and electronics.
  • Prime Movers, tippers and dog trailers, in particular servicing and replacement of PTO’s and cylinders and manifolds.
  • Rail operations include the servicing, overhaul and scheduled maintenance of rail equipment and ancillaries including mulchers, excavators, tampers, mobile equipment (cranes and loaders), side loaders and container cranes/hoists.

Keeping Queensland moving.