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Mine Sites have a Range of Hydraulic Service Requirements

Mine sites have a range of Hydraulic Service requirements, with so much of the plant and equipment running on hydraulics, Australian Hydraulic Services is the point of call for maintenance and repair.

Not all jobs on mine have to be big. Something as simple as the jacks (Pictured) can cause a lot of annoyance and frustration as they always seem to never work properly and leak oil everywhere!

When Australian Hydraulic Services gets the call, we strip the jacks down and conduct a complete refurbishment of the steel frame and hydraulic systems making the jack stands like new again.

After stripping down the jacks of all components, we completely clean them, prep them, paint them, then replace the seals, refill with hydraulic fluid and re-assemble them making them look (and work) brand new!

These jacks are used in the workshop for jacking up earthmoving gear for repair and are known as Edmo jacks.

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