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Ports and Marine: Hydraulics on the high seas

When the Super Yachts come to town, especially after long trips across the seas, it’s no doubt their hydraulic systems need an overhaul and Australian Hydraulic Services are there to help.

With exposure to the saltwater, sea breeze, contamination in the systems, sun, abrasion etc, these luxury boats are put through their paces during their travels.

We are proud to have a range of international customers requiring major maintenance to their luxury boats. Each time they come into dock, and as part of a major maintenance program which we manage on their behalf, we perform the following:

  1. We flow test pumps,
  2. We inspect all hardware,
  3. We check operation of all equipment.
  4. We then compile all inspection reports and complete required maintenance to keep the hydraulic systems running maintenance free for years to come.

And for a sneak peek at what we found when we lifted the lid inside the hydraulic tank on the Aqua Marina  – completely contaminated!
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