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Sugar Mill Cane Preparation Shredder

Sugar Mill Cane Preparation Shredder

Customer: Tully Sugar Limited.

When efficiency at the Sugar Mill was required, Tully Sugar Limited called Australian Hydraulic Services to help improve milling efficiency.

As part of the process in order to improve efficiency at the mill, the cane must be prepared more constantly.

When we took a look at the system, we established that the cane preparation shredder had a fixed setting of the anvil plate to the hammer tips. As there are variations between the varieties of sugar cane, this setting has to be an average to suit all varieties. With all the power of the turbine driving the shredder, we had to have full control of the anvil plate. Accuracy and control were highly important as if there was an incorrect movement or adjustment during operation, the results would be catastrophic.

As such, with the huge amount of power available to adjust this shredder anvil, there was a requirement to adjust hydraulically and accurately.

After understanding what was involved, the engineering team designed a complete hydraulic and electronic turnkey solution.  Our process involved breaking down the system and creating a system design for the hydraulics, electronics and PLC.

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