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When Heavy Lifting and Tipping is Required

When heavy lifting and tipping is required, our customer called upon Australian Hydraulic Services to help create a 13-tonne Cane Transporter.

After assessing the requirement of the project, we supplied a complete turnkey solution.

The design requirement was to design a hydraulic system that was electro proportional, so our engineering team went away and designed the complete system, including the hydraulic and electrical system.

We manufactured all hydraulic cylinders involved in the project from scratch. We also used our standard phasing cylinders on the lift and tip circuits.

After installing, we commissioned the hydraulic system, as well as the hydraulic electro controls. We were involved in the complete programming of the PLC controller for the interlock system, as the machine had to operate in the correct sequence, this was critical to operation. Most companies aren’t aware that we have the capability to manufacture and install the wiring harness for the whole system, which we did on this project as well.

From an operational perspective, the main bin had to be lifted by both cylinders equally. This was a key requirement of the project as if the cylinders didn’t lift equally it would bend the towers. We used our special phasing cylinders’ solution to perform this operation with success.

Lastly, after the bin is lifted, it then needs to tip and have both cylinders extend, retracting exactly the same way. And, like the towers, this retraction motion was critical as if the cylinders didn’t tip over equally it would twist the main bin, again, this was solved through our special phasing cylinders, all manufactured in-house.

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