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Our Services

Not all needs are the same.

Varying equipment, different designs, different application environments and conditions all impact the way products and systems are designed and manufactured. Australian Hydraulic Services specialises in the analysis, review, design, specification and assembly of custom designed hydraulic systems. No job is too big or too small and our team of highly qualified professionals are ready to discuss the simplest to the most complex of hydraulic system design. From inception to consultation, through to our stringent processes and final sign off, Australian Hydraulic Services is there to support you the whole way.

Mechanical, electrical and hydraulic equipment undergo strain, wear and tear during operation.

Without proper inspection and maintenance of that hydraulic equipment and control systems, costly downtime and repair is imminent.

Australian Hydraulic Services is well-positioned to help your business avoid that. Our internal management, inspection and maintenance systems that we have in place ensure that your plant and equipment are:

– Recorded in our system
– Are regularly inspected on-site by a qualified technician
– An assessment and recommendation for repair, or maintenance is made
– Australian Hydraulic Services carries out the maintenance, recording the work in the system and nominating the next period for inspection.

Accredited to ensuring your equipment meets compliance standards, you can rest assure the safety and reliable operation of your equipment.

It’s not always possible to bring your components or equipment in for service or maintenance.

We understand they are located in numerous areas throughout the country so we have developed a service to help with that. Australian Hydraulic Services is able to provide both mobile and fixed equipment servicing, both in our large in-house service bays located in Innisfail and Cairns, and our well-equipped trucks that can come out on-site to service and install equipment. Our in-house bays provide a spotless and well-organised working environment, allowing for all-weather work without delay. Services include, but are not limited to: – Complete hydraulic installation – On-site assembly, testing and commissioning – Ongoing site inspections and provision of technical support

Inspecting each cylinder, component, rod and manifold ensures your hydraulic systems function smoothly and won’t fail you.

The overhaul – rebuild and testing process, ensures that each component goes through a strict series of protocols to ensure a systematic rebuild, with quality assurance checks completed at each stage in the process. The rebuild and testing of componentry ensures that your equipment is returned in full working order and is guaranteed by us. With in-house test facilities, we ensure each component is working to standard, our aim being to rebuild to “as new” condition and ensuring it is ready for operation in the field.

Our hydraulics power the future.